About FOAMETIX® - Product Benefits

1. Energy Efficiency

Due to the continuous rise in utility costs, homeowners, builders, governments and even electric and natural gas providers acknowledge
the ever growing need for more energy efficient building products. One of the best ways to curb energy costs is through proper insulation.
Unlike traditional insulation products which allow excess air to pass through the products' inherent gaps, the spray-applied, fine cell
structure of FOAMETIX® insulation systems drastically reduce the amount of air that passes in and out of the building structure.
FOAMETIX® allows for heating and cooling equipment “rightsizing”, which saves initial building costs as well as monthly utility costs as less
energy is needed to heat and cool the indoor environment. A FOAMETIX® insulated building will keep you cooler in the summer and
warmer in the winter while actually decreasing your monthly energy expenses by up to 50%*.

2. Healthier Indoor Living Environments

FOAMETIX® is committed to providing consumers with a healthier, safer, more comfortable living environment. By tightly sealing around all
crevices, FOAMETIX® reduces the amount of outdoor pollutants and allergens that enter the building structure. FOAMETIX® proprietary
formulas contain no HCFCs, VOCs or Formaldehyde making FOAMETIX® insulation systems free of toxic air contaminates. As FOAMETIX®
blocks moisture, mold and mildew growth are not sustained. FOAMETIX® will not settle or decay, with no “off gas” over time. FOAMETIX®
insulation systems are eco-friendly and environmentally sound, so breathe easier, FOAMETIX® has got you covered.

3. Quieter Homes and Work Environments

FOAMETIX® FX 050 is an open-cell spray applied polyurethane foam system that reduces unwanted noises from both indoor and outdoor
sources. FOAMETIX® open cell polyurethane products reduce sound reverberation while acting as a sound barrier, keeping sound
contained within chosen limits. FOAMETIX® FX 050 is an exceptional product for media rooms or any place where sound absorption is

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